Being a conductor of European standards and practices for their implementation in Bulgaria, BAPW is a member of the European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers which is an umbrella organization for pharmaceutical wholesalers in Europe.

Founded in 1960, GIRP is the umbrella organization of pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers in Europe.


The members of GIRP:

  • employ about 140.000 staff
  • hold products on stock from over 3.500 manufacturers
  • supply above 100.000 medicines
  • distribute medicines throughout the whole continent to more than 133.000 pharmacies



In its capacity of an a branch organization initiated by the business, BAPW is a member of the representative business organization in the country - the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria.

KRIB is "the Voice of the Bulgarian Business" that:

  • produces three quarters of the GDP of the country

  • provides for over 700 000 jobs
  • unites over 10 500 companies through collective and individual membership
  • accounts for more than three quarters of the exports of Bulgaria