Dear colleagues, partners,

I address you, first of all, with my gratitude for the support and assistance you have provided to the Bulgarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (BAPW) since its establishment in 2010, so that BAPW could become the representative partner organization of pharmaceutical wholesalers in the health sector.

As the Chairman of BAPW since its foundation, I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside you, pursuing I believe the same goal – to build a Bulgarian pharmaceutical sector more sustainable, competitive and delivering ever better healthcare services to Bulgarian patients.

I believe that we have built a solid foundation and the time has come for me to pass the baton to Veselin Kunev, Managing Director of Phionix Pharma Bulgaria, and I will continue to support Veselin and the team in my role as a Member of the Board.

I wish success to Veselin Kunev and thank the team that has been behind me all these years!

It has been an honor!


Dimitar Dimitrov

Member of the Board