Brussels, Belgium – GIRP, the European Healthcare Distribution Association, applauds the strengthened obligations on supply chain operators, contained in the European Commission’s revision of EU General Pharmaceutical Legislation and is calling on legislators to go further to strengthen the crucial “last-mile resilience” in the distribution of medicines and healthcare products to patients across Europe.
GIRP particularly welcomes the inclusion of a public service obligation for the pharmaceutical industry which reinforces the right of full-service healthcare distributors to access supplies in order to fulfil their own public service obligation towards pharmacies and other healthcare professionals.
In line with Article 56 of the proposed new medicines directive, the obligation for marketing authorization holders to “ensure appropriate and continued supplies of [medicines and medical products] to wholesale distributors” is a real testament to the crucial role of our sector and the Commission’s vision of a stronger, more resilient Europe.
“GIRP has advocated tirelessly for measures that support the critical role of its member in the supply chain. The reference to the right of wholesale distributors to be supplied by the pharmaceutical industry is a crucial step for last-mile supply chain resilience,” says Bernd Grabner, President, GIRP.
“This is an important step as it demonstrates the Commission’s commitment to strengthening the resilience of the healthcare supply chain in the last mile and its understanding of the lessons learned from the recent healthcare crisis,” emphasizes Monika Derecque-Pois, Director General, GIRP. We are glad that the Commission is positioning itself so that Europe can respond quickly, smoothly, and efficiently from the start of next public health emergency.”
GIRP and its member associations and companies will seek to work closely with the European Parliament and Member States over the coming months to refine the legislation.

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GIRP, the European Healthcare Distribution Association, is the umbrella organisation for full-service healthcare distributors in Europe. It represents the national associations of over 750 pharmaceutical wholesalers serving 34 European countries, as well as major international and pan-European healthcare distribution companies. GIRP members employ over 140,000 people and distribute around 15 billion packs of medicines as well as a wide range of healthcare products per year. As the vital link in healthcare, they are committed to developing and providing innovative and efficient healthcare products and services to improve health and wellbeing of patients across Europe.