We are building a model of healthcare in Bulgaria following the best European practices and standards for public health protection.

Caring for the patient

• The Association’s guiding principle is patient safety by providing timely therapy, at the right time, in the right place

• Ensuring supply chain integrity through the safe distribution of healthcare products and services for manufacturers and healthcare providers for the benefit of the patients

• Collaboration with stakeholders to deliver better healthcare outcomes to patients;

High standards

• As the vital link in healthcare BAPW provides a platform for the stakeholders in the healthcare value chain to facilitate the dialogue and exchange on best practices creating business opportunities for all.

• Establishment of modern conditions for the development of pharmaceutical products and/or medical devices wholesale in compliance with the principles of Good Distribution Practice and all activities and factors that determine the conduct of the economic activity upon optimum economic effect through the implementation of professional standards among the members of the Bulgarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers for professional and commercial ethics, customer service and increasing security.

Legislative framework

• Strive for a smarter regulatory environment in which BAPW’s members operate for the ultimate benefit of citizens health and wellbeing.

• Implementation of legislative framework that encourages fair competition and opposes non-transparent and unfair healthcare practices.

• We have active position and expert opinion on all legislative changes concerning business and society