Pre-financing function

Full -wine wholesalers, members of BAPW pre-finance the supply chain, which is essential for its economic stability of the supply chain, especially with regard to the hospitals.

BAPW’s members have been a buffer in the healthcare system in Bulgaria for years – we provide the necessary financial resources for hospitals to fulfill their daily mission and social function. As healthcare providers, we contribute not only to healthcare, but also to the economic growth, trade, industry and science

High standards

BAPW and its members advocate for sustainable solutions which priorities medicines availability, accessibility and affordability by outlining the core function of full-service healthcare distributors, being the vital link for the fair, efficient, timely and safe distribution of all medicinal products, including medical devices and other medical supplies to the Bulgarian patients.

Our members adhere to and promote the highest standards of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and where applicable Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They ensure the highest level of compliance to all applicable regulatory standards, including the Falsified Medicines Directive and its Delegated Regulation on Safety Features. Furthermore, they provide a wide range of added value services to manufacturers and pharmacies to the benefit of patients and the public.


Digitalization in the healthcare industry has helped healthcare providers create a stable and critical infrastructure focused on patient needs

The pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers, members of BAPW, digitize their processes and use the capabilities of artificial intelligence to forecast and plan demand, to develop and provide innovative and efficient services to improve the health and well-being of the Bulgarian patients and to facilitate the access to the needed treatment, wherever they are.

The vital link in healthcare

The distribution model of BAPW’s members is recognizable, with high operational capacity, a preferred partner of manufacturers, pharmacies, healthcare institutions and patients



highly qualified staff



national coverage within 4 hours



SKUs in sock


+ vehicles

7 fully automated warehouses


+ deliveries per day

+ 6 MAHs in one delivery


+ manufacturers

+ pharmacies

+ hospital pharmacies

+ points of delivery

Value added


• Full supply and logistics solutions for import, storage, pre-distribution and distribution

• Market intelligence

• Quality and professional services

• Clinical trial logistics

• Optimizing the inventory in a pharmacy


• Marketing and sales support

• Adapting the clients’ strategies to the specifics of the Bulgarian market

• Rapid and quality coverage of the point of sale

• Telemarketing

• Development of pharmacy software


• Full-line wholesalers have a pre-financing function towards the supply chain, which is very relevant for the economic sustainability of the supply chain, especially of the hospitals and pharmacies. Pharmaceutical distributors purchase and acquire legal ownership of pharmaceutical products and manage both inventory and credit risk.

Trusted partner

Доверен партньор

• 7 fully automated warehouses in compliance with GDP

• Efficient, timely and safe distribution of all medicinal products, including medical devices and other medical supplies

• Full-service healthcare distributors carry the complete assortment of medicines required by pharmacies/patient – about 15,000 in stock

• Daily deliveries

• 4 hours emergency delivery

• Pre-financing of the sector

• 100% national coverage

• Highly professional services

• We have the infrastructure to store and keep medicines safely and under clinically required conditions until needed by hospitals, pharmacies and doctors in all locations across countries

• Trusted partner for the implementation of the national healthcare programs

• Full-service healthcare distributors adhere to and promote the highest standards in compliance with the Bulgarian and European legislation