1. BAPW uses cookies as described in this Section. BAPW notifies of the use of cookies when the user visits the Website for the first time. Information about the use of cookies is received every time one logs in to the Website unless the user has already agreed to their use.

2. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the computer of each user of the Website to improve its performance according to his/her preferences. Every time the Website is re-visited, the cookies will automatically recognize that the user is a returning user, as well as the settings and preferences he/she has already selected.

3. Cookies shall not be used for purposes other than those specified in this paragraph. BAPW uses the following types of cookies:

i. Preferences: BAPW uses preference cookies to store information about the user’s browser and the way the user uses the Website. Preferences cookies make the use of the Website more efficient and responsive to the user’s preferences.

ii. Security: BAPW uses security cookies to provide user access to the Website and to protect their profile and information, including personal data, against fraud and unauthorized access by third parties with dishonest intent.

iii. Functional: BAPW uses functional cookies to make better use of the Website, such as saving the sound volume of videos that the user launches for viewing.

iv. Session State: BAPW uses session-based cookies to collect information about how the user uses the Website. This is necessary for the better functioning of the Website.

v. Analytics: BAPW uses analytics cookies, such as Google Analytics, to understand better how the user is using the Website and to address more effectively his/her interests while using the Website. This type of data is completely anonymous and is not connected to any disclosure of personal data.

4. The user of the Website may control and/or delete cookies whenever he/she wishes to do so. All cookies that are already saved on the user’s computer can be deleted, and most browsers can be set up to block them. More information about this can be found at: