The Bulgarian Association of pharmaceutical wholesalers has been established under the initiative of Sopharma Trading JSC, Phoenix Pharma Bulgaria JSC and Konsumfarm LTD. BAPW is the Bulgarian representative trade association whose mission is to advance the interests and values of those member companies who provide healthcare distribution, comprehensive medicines wholesaling and associated services to all Bulgarian pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare institutions. The foundation companies of the Association are among the leaders of the Pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria with more than 60 percent of market share of the public medicine supply. This leading market role and its forthcoming responsibilities, urge on to undertake an active public position regarding the development of the Pharmaceutical sector in Bulgaria.

Sopharma Trading JSC is one of the largest Bulgarian companies and a leader in providing complete solutions in the health care sector in Bulgaria and Serbia. Its mission is to innovate in the sector by helping people live happier and more fulfilling lives!

The company’s history began in 2006 with the integration of 5 distribution companies. Its revenues and profits have been growing in all the years since its founding, and the company has been ranked first in terms of revenue in the Pharmacy sector of the Top 100 ranking of the Capital newspaper for 11 consecutive years.

In 2015 the company presented SOpharmacy on the Bulgarian market – its own retail pharmacy concept, with which they introduced the best global practices on the local market and provide an innovative approach to serving the healthcare needs of Bulgarian patients. SOpharmacy’s mission is to become a trusted healthcare partner for life!

For Sopharma trading, each border is a new opportunity, pursuing its goal of becoming a strategic investor in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, in 2015, the company started its regional expansion by entering the Serbian market.

A team of over 2,500 people takes care of providing quality services to Sopharma’s trading customers. The success achieved is due to the values the company share together – innovation, teamwork and passion!

PHOENIX Pharma EOOD provides 100% national coverage in Bulgaria, thanks to its long-term professional experience and its warehouse facilities located in 5 key points of the country. Our exclusively designed and well-developed distribution network allows the company to build excellent business relations with almost all pharmacies and hospitals in Bulgaria. To date, we have been successfully working with over 3 500 clients.

The company’s vision is to be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever they are. For us, this means offering every customer the best possible products and services along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, health insurance funds, patients, and health-conscious individuals all can benefit from our comprehensive service offering – both online and through traditional channels. Phoenix pharma achieve this thanks to integrated structures and close cooperation between their wholesale, retail, and pharma services segments. The company is the optimal link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and end customers.

Together with its employees, they shape their future and pursue sustainable and fair company management for long-term success.

“Consumpharm” Ltd. is distinguished by its professionalism, highly qualified staff, ethics, quality and rapid service. The company combines the direct import, logistic and pharmaceutical wholesaling with the aim to propose lower prices and introducing high quality of service in line with the good distribution practice.